The venue

The Intercontinental Hotel

Also known as: Piața Universității (University Square)
The National Theatre, Old Town, four popular museums and Cișmigiu Gardens
Metro station
Universitate - as you will find it written on signs and posts.

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From the airport

  1. Taxi

    Google map
    between 1.4 and 3.5 RON / km

    You may order a taxi car by using the touch screen devices in the public area of the Arrivals Terminal. The passengers get on the taxi-cabs right outside the terminal, on the first floor, by showing the ticket issued by the automatic touch screen.

  2. Uber

    Uber is available in Bucharest with fares similar to taxis.

  3. Bus 783 to Piața Unirii

    Google map
    7 RON / 2 rides (bus + metro within 1 hour of ticket validation)

    You take the bus in front of the Arrivals Terminal. The bus goes as far as Piata Unirii and passes the conference venue at Universitate station. Both Piata Unirii and Universitate are well connected.

    From there to where you are staying:

    1. Bus
      Routes: Map
      Fare: 1.3 RON / 1 ride, 8 RON / 1 day, 17 RON / 7 days
    2. Metro
      Routes: Map
      Fare: 5 RON / 2 rides, 20 RON / 10 rides
    3. Taxi
      Fare: ~1.4 RON / km
      App: iPhone | Android
    4. Uber


All payments are made in local currency - called either Lei or RON.

1 EUR = ~4.4 RON

1 USD = ~3.9 RON


Central Hotel Standard room single occupancy 56 EUR/night
Double room 66 EUR/night
Opera Hotel Standard room single occupancy 56 EUR/night
Double room 66 EUR/night
Venezia Hotel Standard room single occupancy 56 EUR/night
Double room 66 EUR/night
Duke Hotel Double or twin room single occupancy 65 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
55 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Double or twin room 75 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
65 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Double or twin room + extra bed 95 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
85 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Le Boutique Hotel Moxa Single room 72 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
60 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Double standard room 77 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
72 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Golden Tulip Victoria Hotel Single room 72 EUR/night
Double room 80 EUR/night
Triple room 100 EUR/night
Capital Plaza Hotel Standard room single occupancy 75 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
65 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Double standard room 95 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
90 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Grand Hotel Continental Single room 115 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
105 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Double room 122 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
118 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Radisson Blu Hotel Standard room single occupancy 165 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
110 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)
Double standard room 175 EUR/night (Mon-Thu)
122 EUR/night (Fri-Sun)

Things to do

  1. Old town

    party people dining

    The heart and soul of Bucharest, Old Town is overwhelming during weekdays, nevermind weekends. Thick with pubs, clubs, restaurants, even theaters, you are bound to spend at least a few memorable nights there.

  2. Palace of Parliament/National Museum of Contemporary Art

    art lovers selfies


    Our "beloved" dictator left behind a monument to concrete and megalomania - The People's House, a.k.a. The Palace of Parliament. It also hosts the National Museum of Contemporary Art and a nice terrace bar at the 4th floor.

  3. The Peasant Museum and the Village Museum

    insights into romanian customs chill


    A quite special way to spend half a day in Bucharest. The 2 museums are a time capsule for romanian folklore: architecture, clothing, woodworks, pottery, etc.

  4. Take a walk on Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue)



    For sight seers, there are some great pictures waiting to be taken: The Royal Palace, G. Enescu House/Museum, Bucharest atheneum, Odeon Theater are just a few.

  5. Do something very Bucharest-ish

    all the cool kids are doing it hipster

    Want to get the vibe of the people living here? Club Control, Club Fabrica and Club Eden are 3 of the most hip places in Bucharest.


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