Personalized content delivery with Plone

Plone as a content management system for websites still follows a traditional one-size-fits-all approach: with some exceptions, the same website content is delivered to all website users. By contrast, modern marketing approaches entail at least segmented if not personalized content delivery to users. Why show users a newsletter subscription portlet if they already subscribe to the newsletter? If we already know from analytics data, referral data or CRM data what a user is looking for, what his/her interests are and where he/she is from, why don’t we show him/her the content truly relevant? Other enterprise (open source) CMS have some interesting features for such personalized content delivery. In this session we will only shortly introduce and outline a marketing proposal for Plone as a personalized content delivery platform and then give room for a moderated discussion. Our main goal is to generate interest in this feature and identify partners interested in participating in the development of a set of personalized content delivery tools for Plone. Therefore, we would like to encourage an inspiring discussion session to brain storm the possibilities of personalizing content with Plone.

Johanna Lenhard from Germany

Marcel Liebischer from Germany

Thomas Kastenholz from Germany


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