Patternslib and Mockup: breaking up and getting back together again.

At the 2012 Plone conf in Arnhem, Cornelis Colbach and Florian Friesdorf made a presentation of the Patternslib project, which allows people to add Javascript functionality to a webpage by only writing HTML and CSS. At that conference the idea was born to use this concept in Plone as well. Over time, the Plone implementation (called Mockup) was forked and became incompatible with Patternslib. The two projects continued along independently, unable to share code or expertise. In this talk, I'll discuss the background and nature of this split and what I did at the Innsbruck and Munich sprints to get the two projects merged and compatible again. I'll also discuss how this fork affects us today, the challenges we face and how I think we should proceed going forward from here.


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