Bika LIMS, a FOSS LIMS built on top of Plone

Bika LIMS is a web based Open Source Laboratory Information Management System based on Plone 4.3. It's a robust LIMS that can be adapted and implemented in any laboratory, from those of small size to large research and clinic laboratories. Bika LIMS OS Project comprises a family of open source applications that leverages the power, versatility and safety provided by Plone. Each application is aimed at a different laboratory discipline: Bika LIMS (universal LIMS), Bika Health (clinical and health labs), and Interlab (proficiency testing). In this talk, we'll introduce Bika LIMS and derivatives like Bika Health, as well as a provide a functional overview from an end-user point of view. We'll review the classic laboratory workflow and we'll use Bika LIMS to reproduce all the steps and processes involved.


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